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Creative programming and making in intergenerational contexts

Last ACT annual meeting in Ottawa has been the opportunity to share the advancements in the creative programming and making in intergeneraional contexts :

#Vibot the robot, a children’s book to introduce programming and #educationalrobotics

Vibot the Robot Download No: 978-2-551-25825-3  ResearchGate (English release) : Version en Français : Version en español: Vivian and Victor are twins. For their birthday, they receive a robot as a gift.  They decide to call it Vibot. Before they can play with it, Vivian and Victor must assemble the parts, charge […]
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21st century skills: co-creative computational thinking problem solving

21st century skills: co-creative computational thinking problem solving, by @margaridaromero design: @dumontleslie

Puzzle-based coding VS creative programming

Creative programming is a knowledge modeling activity with a high cognitive and metacognitive potential. However, when introducing programming to novices, some learning activities are limited to procedural step-by-step puzzle-based coding activities which does not reflect the creative potential of programming. As shown in the figure below, we distinguish five levels of creative engagement in computer programming education […]
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